Thursday 7 June 2018

2018 DX-camps are on: Virolahti (SE Finland) and Utö-island (SW Finland)

Two annual FM DX-camps have started in Finland. Both camps are situated by the sea. Yagi antennas widely open to horizont:
In Virolahti (SE Finland, 4 participants HKU, VJR, TAK, IKA) 5.6. - 15.6.2018.
In Utö-island (SW Finland, 7 participants, JUS, JJS, JTK, MB, JJK, OSY, JY) 6.6 - 17.6.2018

There are a lot of photos from these camps form past years, but in Virolahti there is some new installations). I will add some photos later.

Wed 6.6.2018 in Virolahti, South east Finland
Two Turkey-openings to Ankara, Turkey lasting 10 and 1 minutes.

Wed 6.6.2018 in Utö, South west Finland
No Sporadic E observations

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