Sunday 10 June 2018

Technical overview to Poron2- FMDX-pedition

         Kitchen is the heart of the DX-camp with dozens od PC's and rx's.

Here some numbers of the equipments in use in Virolahti Poron 2-pedition:

Antennas 5 x:
Körner 15.11 Horizontal with amplifier and rotator, 6 m high
Körner 3H-FM9 Vertical with amplifier, 6 m high
Körner 19.3 HorIzonal with amp and rotator. Mast can be rised 14 m by handturning.
OIRT-yagi 6-element homemade
OIRT-yagi 2-element

Total 12 x different SDR Play-receivers
Total 2 x Perseus FM+ SDR-receivers
Total 5 x Sony XDR (One XDR remote controlled)
One Elad (not in use)

Total 19 x computers

External HardDisk TB:
About 26 TB - 25 TB - 32 TB - 18 TB = Total 103 TeraBites

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