Monday 11 June 2018

Monday 11.6.2018 -report

Total DX-silence on FM-band in Utö and Virolahti. 2nd day in a row.

We made some tests by comparing Körner yagis at 6 meters (Körner 15.11) vs. at 12 meters (Körner 19.3) high above the ground (=sea level).

There were no big difference between these 2x and 4x wavelength heights. 12 m gave slightly better signals when tuning semi-tropo-stations from South-direction, but with not so big boost. At the same time 12 m height also gave stronger signals from local stations of the back and slightly blocked some useable frequencies.
We expected to have bigger differencies from front (DX) and back (local interference).

There might be bigger differencies when comparing these antennas during Sporadic E-opening. Everything is ready to make quick 6m/12m -comparison during Es with SDR Play PSR2 (Two antenna inputs).  Let's hope to have that chance!

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