Sunday 17 June 2018

Summer 2018: DX-peditions are over

Both DX-camps are over 17.6.2018 - in Utö and in Virolahti. The DX-results were catastrophic.

Results in Utö: A few openings for about 6-8 h time fading in and out in the lower band  - and MUF only briefly over 100 MHz.  The opening areas were mostly to South France and South Italy. Only year 2011 has been worse.
The annual card-game winner was JJS, beating JTK with 2 points.

Results in Virolahti: Very poor Es-conditions. Opening time only for 3 hours (Turkey, Russia, C-Europe).

Both camps will return next year in the beginning of June.

Utö2018 FMDX-camp in Utö-island, SW Finland

Poron2 FMDX-camp 2018 in Virolahti, SE Finland

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