Saturday 3 June 2017

Two FM-DX-peditions at the same time in Finland - in SW (Utö) and SE (Virolahti)

Two groups of FM-DXers are organizing 8-10 days peditions in Finland this summer. Those DX-camps are held between 7.6. - 17.6.2017.
The distance between these QTHs is 360 km. So, the conditions will differ very much.

Utö-island, SW Finland - Utö2017 (Utö18th in a row))
This traditonal FM-pedition is now named Utö18. There are 7 regular participats: JUS, JJS, JTK, MB, OSY, JJK and JY (in order of appeareance).

Virolahti (Poronniemi), SE Finland - Poron1 (First camp there)
This is the first FM-pedition in southeast in Virolahti, close to Russian boarder, named Poron1. The participants are HKU, TAK and VJR. This new QTH is by the sea with a view to Russian islands. The DX-target is east and southeast.
Picture of the cottage   -   View to southeast    -    View to southwest

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