Saturday, 10 June 2017

Bandscan 87.5 - 92.3 MHz Poronniemi (Virolahti)

Here is a screenshot -view of Poronniemi QTH's lower FM-band 87.5 - 92.3 MHz. Körner 15.11 is directed to 190 degrees in this view.
Receiver is SDR Play PSR2 on SDR Uno-software (Click for better view).

By the way, when build the camp we compared Körner 9.2 and Körner 15.11 antennas in a real time (two Sony XDR-receivers). Both antennas were directed to south to Estonia 95.4 MHz. Results:
Körner 9.2 gave 20 dB (Triax-amp).
Körner 15.11 gave 40 dB (Type 1301-amp ResearchComm)

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Unknown said...

Korner15.11 one of the best,
Super fb on all fm band,super gain also