Thursday 8 June 2017

Poronniemi-1 camp-photos

Harri Kujala, HKU, tunes all his SDR-receivers by TeamViewer -remote control over internet in. All listening happens in horizontal position by laptop.
Receivers in Poronniemi are SDR Play 6mhz and SDR Play PSR2 8mhz. Also in Utö 2x SDR rx.

Vesa Rinkinen VJR (left) uses 3 x laptops for 2x Perseus and one Sony XDR (Click)

Tapio Kalmi TAK uses 4 x laptops for 2x Perseus FM+ and 3x Sony XDRs (Click).

Splitted antenna for the camp is Körner 15.11 with Preamp 1301 (Research Comm.). Russian side is visible in the horizont to southeast.

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Unknown said...

Nice all pictures is nice
Korner15.11 is yourself made (diy)or you buy it?:-)
In second picture wire is waste how much on ground :-):-):-):-)