Saturday 12 June 2010

Utö FM-DX 6 started Sat 12.6!

Utö FM-DX 6 started with 7 listeners. Antennas are bilt up on Saturday morning 12.6. under VERY heavy wind (peaking 20 m/s).
We are using 4 FM-yagis devided with 4 Triax-preamps.

Yesterday the group missed fairly good opening to UK/Ireland while traveling to Utö.... and today
we have no sign of Sporadic E.

On Saturday no special conditions but a lot of troposcatter in the air all the way from Bornholm, Gothenburg, Kaliningrad (DFM 100.6, E+ 104.5, RR 96.3), Klaipeda and of course Gdansk. 101.7 R Plus Gdansk reaches RDS levels from time to time.

One interesting UNID was heard from Latvia on 99.5 MHz and will be solved later for sure.

Photos taken by OSY and JTK.

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