Sunday, 20 June 2010

Utö 6 is over! Excellent pedition!

Utö6 FM-pedition is over. Nine full days of FM-DXing finally gave good results. We had good conditions to many directions and several interesting peaks.

Hundreds of new stations were identified, many first time in Finland - and even one new country: Libya!
Loggings will follow later in Finnish DXers site, OnLineLog.


Here is one beautiful photo of Otso's (In Utö mostly pronounced like Spanish number 8, Ocho) collection. Please click the photo.


gerard noordhoff said...

Hallo Harri

With a lot of interest I read your
finding with the group on Utö-island. I am a portabel FM dx-er too.
For instance this summer i was with my wife on the Normandycoast of France there with the High Cliffs. On Sealevel all the French stations were completely suppressed and I could copy I lot of London low power station.
Station here is 8 el Yagi, telescopig mast 8 meters high und the famous Sony xdr S3HD.

The question is where can I find the Utö-log??????????
Greeting from
Gerard Noordhoff
callsign PE1BBI

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard!!

Thank you for¨your positive comments!!

Yes, it is very interesting to catch stations
during special radio conditions!

Utö-log is too big to publish, so you can not find it.

All loggings are made in closed Finnish DX-community-page
which are not open to foreign listeners because only
loggings in Finland are relevant.

You seem to have similar equipment like us!!!
8-el yagi and XDR!

BTW, I heard one Dutch pirate station in July, Zender Starsky
from Vroompshoop on 87.5 - 2 kW. Only music but I have QSL.

Ik heeb veel andere piratenzenders uit Nederlands gehoord: