Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Finally we had real conditions today! There is nothing to complain of the conds in the past days - but today we had even better signals. Band was open to Balkan and Scotland-Ireland!! (We are very surprised that Italy has been almost silent so far).

* 08.00 utc >> Conds started from Greece and Hungary and placed over Balkan 1,5 hour!! // faded out 10.00 utc
A little break nicely at lunchtime.
* 11.35 utc >> Scotland - Northern Ireland - Ireland // f out 14.00 utc

88.0 MHz - Oasis, Athens
90.6 MHz - Asteras FM, Veria
91.4 MHz - Palace 91.4, Larissa
93.2 MHz - ERA Zakynthos regional px

Many Hungarian stations received, like Radio Dabis, 93.4 MHz etc.

Dozens of stations from Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia

Stations mainly from Sibiu

Scotland - Northern Ireland - Ireland
A lot of stations from Northern parts of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
MUF was up to 108 MHz but there are not so much stations over 107 MHz in this area.
Dublin was audible and even the farest SW parts of Scotland (Cuillin FM 102.7 MHz).

Very good openings! Perhaps even over 100 stations identified today by this crew.

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