Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Utö-report Tue 30.6.2009: Greece 2-3 minutes

On Tuesday we had 2-3 minutes opening to Athens!! It gave 3 stations and
also one from Spain just before Greece.

87.7 MHz - Cadena Dial, Santander-tx, Spain - 18.27-
88.9 MHz - Freedom, Athens. Was strong for 2 minutes with RDS. Unfortunately no talk. - 18.30-
89.5 MHz - Radio Ekklisia tis Ellados, Athens. - 18.32-
90.4 MHz - Kanali Ena, Piraeus (Athens) with nice ID "Eneninta koma tessera, Piraeus" - 18.30-

Tropo is qiving all the time stations from all around Baltic Sea. Almost all Stockholm community radios are received, only stations MRS 90.5, Sigtuna 88.2 and Viking 101.4 were out today.
From Gävle Radio City 102.7 had RDS-level and on 89.9 MHz Radio Sandviken was clear.

Also Latvian private radios from Riga and some others were identified easily.
Tropo-scattering is giving Polish stations up and down - also Kaliningrad 96.3. (Click the photo below)

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