Tuesday 23 June 2009

Utö-report Mon 22.6.2009

Hello from Utö!
We arrived here on the island Monday afternoon in a magnificent weather. The following hours we spent by setting up two six metre masts in in the front of our nice cottage. Both were equipped with two 8 element Triax FM8 antennas: the upper one in vertical and the lower one in horizontal orientation.

Stations we heard during our first bandscan were typical for a low-level Baltic Sea tropo, from Sweden (90.2 Skärgårdsradion with a nice signal), Poland (95.7 & 98.4), Lithuania (Russkoye R and tent. Ziniu R) and others.

The band feels generally "empty" in comparison to what it is today in Southern Finland. On an Es opening this would certainly be interesting.
A slight source of interference was loacated to be the WLAN base station in the cottage. We will see if something can be done to it on Tuesday. Sending this report was delayed until Tuesday morning because of connectivity problems with the very base station.
OSY - Otso Ylönen
MB - Marko Brask

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KOJ said...


If you have spare time is it possible to make basic bandscan of FM-stations of UTÖ island?

I am myself very interested to know what FM-stations can be heard on basic conditions?

Best Regards,