Saturday, 4 July 2009

Utö-report Sat 4.7.2009

Last full day gives nothing special of conditions. The band is nicely empty of near local stations, really empty!!! That would have been great to have Es to this silent band!!
However, one new troposcatter-station was found today and we had three times 1-2 min Es...

100.6 MHz - DFM, Kaliningrad pushed up many times during the afternoon with IDs but unfortunately not with local programme/inserts. - 13.00 >

87.7 MHz - Radio Venere, Lecce (LE) tentatively. One spot to Specchia. No id. - 15.15-
88.8 MHz - Burc FM, Turkey. - 18.00-
89.2 MHz - Radio Kula (Voj), Serbia. - 15.22-

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