Sunday 2 August 2009

Utö 5: Report 2

Short opening on Saturday afternoon 1.8.2009 to Turkey giving UNID-station:

89.5 UNID Turkey. Spot to Ankara. - 1650-1653.

89.2 TRT 1 Radyo Bir - 1716

** **
UNID Balkan station from 28.7 on 99.0 MHz.
Sounds to be some national network station:

ANY HELP from someone with these?? Please write to comment-box!

No luck for mega-tropo or Es in Utö. Normal conditions in the line of this summer.


MWE said...

99.0 MNE: Radio Kotor, Kotor.
Talks about Crna Gora = Montenegro in the beginning of the clip.

But this nails it definitely:
"Dugogodišnji trener u kotorskom Primorcu Vasko Vučković od naredne sezone biće šef stručnog štaba italijanskog prvoligaša Latine Palanuoto, člana A1 lige"

Word by word the same content than here:

"u kotorskom Primorcu" was the lead to the Kotor region...

Radio Kotor is here 500 watts.
Congratulations for a great FFF catch!!

-- said...

Thanks a lot!!
This would have been let to be unid, because of wording 'Vučković' and 'radio' too close. Therefore leading to the false direction.
I own you a round of beer!
73's JY