Thursday, 17 June 2010

Look Bambuser-video of Utö6 !!!

Here is a video-clip of our listening environment, short view of the listenener's eqipment and faces (I forgot to include myself). It is Bambuser-live video-clip, made with mobile-phone and not so good quality.


On Wednesday we had nothing special, as expected. Now we are waiting to get several short-time E-skips to south. If there will be more, it is all extra+. The crew is monitoring tropo-band all the time for Kaliningrad-scattering etc.
Two new Latviesuradio-stations are picked up (tropo) with local programme: Saldus 89.2 and Cesvaine/Madona 90.9 MHz.

A lot of METEOR-reflections
Meteor-activity has been very high during this pedition. We wonder how strong it could be during higher meteor-showers, like with Perseids in August!

We have identified around 20 stations via meteors:
Euroherz 88.0 MHz (Germany) // Radio Sport 93.2 Mhz (Moscow) // NRK P1 (Norway) 90.9 MHz // B92 (Serbia) 104.8 MHz // Polskie R P1 88,3 MHz // Radio MV (Germany 90.5 Mhz // Frevence 1 (Czech) on 104.5 and 102.5 MHz // VRT Klara (Belgium) 89.5 MHz // Kiss FM (Romania) 88.0 MHz //Radio Zet (Poland) 89.4 MHz // Doroznoye Radio, St P:burg (very short skip!!!) // RPR (Germany) 100.6 MHz // PSR, Leipzig (Germany) 102. 4 MHz // + BBC, Bayern 1, Ö3 etc. + UNID: "MIX/X RADIO"-RDS on 89.4 MHz.

A lot of snakes around here. You really have to be careful - and frogs can bee seen at nights.
Naturally many species of birds, but the small owl has not been seen this year so far.

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Rolands Strautmalis said...

Latviešu Radio 89,0 Saldus and 90,9 Lautere.